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Art meets Nature | Sophie & Alex's Unconventional Engagement Session

I knew during our first correspondence that I had just gotten an inquiry from one of the coolest couples ever. It was evident that Sophie & Alex were anything but conventional and they wanted the locations for their engagement session to reflect their love of art & nature. Since it was March, the nature in Michigan isn't exactly nature-ing yet lol so to incorporate lush greenery and bold colors into their nature setting, we decided to go with the Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor for their first location. This spot is always a go-to for me in the winter months when you still want the colors of late spring/summer.

When we arrived at Matthaei Botanical Garden, the sun was shining and these 2 were dressed to the nines. The vintage accents, floral patterns and overall coordination of their outfits perfectly matched the surrounding as well as infused many aspects of their relationship. One of my favorite parts was when the mists for the plants turned on, it added the most beautiful hazy effect to a few of their images that was reminiscent of film. We love happy accidents where art meets nature <3

Matthaei Botanical Garden

Art meets Nature | Sophie & Alex's Unconventional Engagement Session

From there, we opted for a location that offered a grittier and more artistic backdrop. Nothing offers that more in Metro Detroit than the CCS tunnels. There's always Eastern Market, but if you're looking for a background that's a little more unique, this is always my go-to. The combination or the color and texture, offer a great juxtaposition or art and urbanity. There's nothing better than creating timeless memories in a setting that is more unconventional in my opinion.

CCS Tunnels

Art meets Nature | Sophie & Alex's Unconventional Engagement Session

Thank you for viewing Sophie & Alex's unconventional engagement session where art meets nature!


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