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Top 12 Best Places for Photos in Metro Detroit

Updated: Mar 9

Unlock the secrets of Metro Detroit's most photogenic gems! Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance the Motor City has to offer.

Belle Isle - Detroit, MI

Belle Isle is always a go-to spot for me because of its unique ability to blend nature and architecture. From the lush greenery to the architectural gems such as the James Scott Memorial Fountain and the Conservatory, Belle Isle showcases a harmonious blend of classical and modern styles, providing a visually captivating experience that reflects Detroit's rich cultural and architectural heritage.

Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Law Quad - Ann Arbor, MI

I am a huge fan of gothic architecture especially when it comes to the Law Quad on the UofM Campus! The ornate details of the buildings, combined with the serene atmosphere, creates a picturesque backdrop that effortlessly adds elegance and charm to any type of photography, but I personally prefer this location for grad and couples sessions. B

est places for photos in Metro Detroit

Kensington Metropark - Milford, MI

If you love nature, than Kensington is a great option for any type of photo session. Kensington has diverse natural landscapes that includes serene lakes, lush woodlands, open meadows and a big beautiful bridge. No matter what the season is, the landscape of this Metropark never disappoints.  Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Matthaei Botanical Gardens - Ann Arbor, MI

If you want greenery and a lush nature setting for your late fall/winter session, this location is unmatched! With vibrant gardens, serene water features, and charming pathways, it provides a stunning backdrop for any type of photography.

 Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Detroit Institute of Arts - Detroit, MI

The museum's iconic exterior, adorned with classical and modern elements, provides a stunning backdrop. One of the main reason I really love shooting here is the way my subjects pop in front of the white marble. Another perk to shooting here, is we can cross the street and be at the Detroit Public Library which also provides a captivating scenery.  Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Fisher Building & Cadillac Place - Detroit, MI

The Fisher Building is hands down one of my favorite buildings to shoot in in Metro Detroit and it is actually one of the only ones that will allow public professional photography without a permit. The Art Deco elegance and intricate detailing provides a beautiful and sophisticated backdrop whether it is for a wedding party, couples session or family photos. Just kiddie corner from the Fisher building, is Cadillac Place, and their ornate entrance way pairs perfectly for any gallery.

 Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Nichols Arboretum - Ann Arbor, MI

If you love flowers, Nichols Arboretum is a picturesque setting for photos in the late spring/summer. The iconic Peony Garden provides vibrant colors and a romantic setting. It's also a great location for fall as all the leaves begin to change.  Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Angell Hall - Ann Arbor, MI

Angell Hall is centrally located on the University of Michigan campus, making it an ideal spot for capturing both academic and architectural beauty in photographs. It is also a short walk from the Law Quad so the combination of both locations can make for nice diversity in your gallery.

 Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

CCS Tunnels - Detroit, MI

I think the CCS tunnels are an iconic spot for a photo session because of the bold color. There's just somethng about this color and texture in the these tunnels that just make the pictures so fun and so beautiful at the same time. If you're looking for something more unique and bold, I always recommend this route.  Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Capitol Park & Parker's Alley - Downtown Detroit

The reason I put these two together is because all the spots in between these 2 locations will give you all the city vibes you could ever want for photos. From bold cityscapes to cute corners, this walk will offer you all the pleasures of downtown Detroit.

 Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Eastern Market - Detroit, MI

If you want a location that's a little edgier and laidback, Eastern Market is a go-to! Eastern Market is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood in Detroit, making it an excellent location for photos. The bustling market scene and colorful street art create a dynamic backdrop.

 Best places for photos in Metro Detroit

Z Lot Roof & Millender Center Roof - Downtown Detroit

Last, but defidently not least, are my two favorites rooftops in Detroit. If you really want to capture the essence and beauty the city has to offer in your photos, one of these rooftops will do the job. Z Lot does not offer as much of the city skyline as Millender, but Z Lot makes up for it with its beautiful and bold colors throughout the lot. Both are special and unique in their own rights, and will make a great backdrop for any photo session.

 Best places for photos in Metro Detroit


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